Alternative to remote "Aputure Gigtube"

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Alternative to remote "Aputure Gigtube"


I just found out that there was an Aputure Gigtube wireless trigger with a monitor and that there used to be versions for Olympus cameras as well. However, they are no longer on sale anywhere, and as far as I've seen, there are only versions for Canon or Nikon on Ebay. I dont know why such cool gadget isnt a thing anymore....

Do you have any idea if there is a similar solution that could be used for OM-1? I know that the OM-1 itself can be controlled via wifi from a phone or tablet, but that's not quite what I want for several reasons:

  1. wifi doesn't have the same range as radio triggers, and it loses even more intensity through trees
  2. in that app you can't control everything in the same way as on the camera (for example the option to just half-press the shutter is missing) and I suppose that this type of trigger with buttons (Aputure Gigtube) probably allowed far more options. In addition, there is a difference between tapping on the mobile screen, where there is no response (you don't feel if something really happened) and there are situations when it might not work at all, and between a physical button that you feel when you press it
  3. as mentioned above I think the mobile app can not be used with ProCapture mode because there isnt option for half-press the shutter

I know there are some radio triggers which can do the half-press and other things (not sure if any of them is supporting OM-1 yet) but there is problem with the screen. If I would like to place the camera lets say more than just a few meters from me, I will not see anything so just having the remote trigger is not very useful in such situation. And use mobile phone could be problem because:

  • I have no clue if the remote wifi mode would work with the radio trigger
  • it could happen that wifi will no longer be in range, but the radio trigger will be. So, I could press the shutter button of the camera, but since I wouldn't be able to see if there is anything in the frame at all, it would still be of no use to me

I would like to use it for places where it is not possible to stay very close (eg a nesting place) so that I can still take photos and possibly start video recording

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