Is Topaz cheating with this result?

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Is Topaz cheating with this result?

This is the current landing page for Topaz Photo AI, containing a lot of before/after examples:

Most of the examples look reasonable, showing feasible levels of improvement ... but the one near the bottom is far beyond reasonable:



Side by side

I frankly don't believe it. However, the blurb says one can prove it by processing a specific low res photo provided by Topaz:

Low res version

Because I don't believe the result, my suspicion is that if Photo AI really does produce it when tested on that image, it's because the company built an algorithm into it to recognize that exact 'before' photo and refer instead to a much higher quality version that has been embedded somewhere in the application.

It's kind of like designing a GPU to recognize when a specific benchmark test is run and cheat to ace it, or when Volkswagen designed an algorithm to recognize when emission tests were being conducted and cheat to ace those.

What do you think? For anyone who is using Photo AI right now: Can you start with the same kind of low res file of some completely different person and get such a perfect high res result? (The enlargement factor of that example is about 600%.)

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