Wired remote control for fuji?

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Re: Pure mechanics, old-school way!

FujiShooterCY wrote:

Personally, I use the oldschool mechanical shutter release.

How it works (this exact model): you press the middle button and it fixates. After your exposure is complete, you rotate the dial and the shutter closes.

With regard to Fuji shutter release by electrical wire. This is a complex story.

First of all on some cameras the 2.5 mm socket is used either for microphone or for the release (one of the two at a time).

But why 2.5 mm will you ask?

Well, the story of the 2.5 mm jack/socket started back in 1970s when the first compact-cassette dictaphones entered the market.

They had 3.5 mm socket for the external microphone, but the customers (reporters) also demanded RC. It was decided to make RC a different size jack/socket than the mic, because reporters will confuse the two instantly otherwise.

So 2.5 mm jack/socket is still the standard for dictaphone wired RC today. I.e. with my ZOOM H2N digital recorder accessory pack, I'we got the wired RC with 2.5 mm plug last year, too!

Though I didn't check it on my cameras myself, I have a suspicion that any wired RC from a dictaphone or audio recorder, equipped with 2.5 mm plug, will work as RC on Fuji cameras, too...


Thank you for info regarding 2,5mm plug. That makes sense. And one downside using multiple systems are remotes that are usable with only their system.

I'm familiar with mechanical release. Too bad I lost mine before Y2K. I continue searching tomorrow, either mechanic or 3,5mm plug...


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