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BlueRay2 wrote:

Igor Sotelo wrote:

Was thinking why I don’t use much this lens, initially though it’s because it’s too heavy, but checking the specs, at 2.5 kg it’s not bad at all. Other brand 300/2.8 and 200/2 are significantly heavier.

It seems the problem may be the design of the foot, that doesn’t allow to comfortably pass the hand under and with the additional arca Swiss plate it hurts the supporting hand while trying not to move the focus ring.

It was difficult to find an replacement for the foot, but it seems Hejnar still makes them:

Any idea if this foot will work better? It adds some 214 grams to the weight, but it’s also a longer arca Swiss plate.

i can't say anything about other brands but i use RRS L foot on my canon 300 f2.8 II and 600 f4 II and they work perfect. RRS uses a special alloy metal that is light weight and very durable. so, if budget is not too tight, i'd give RRS a try.

I have an Wimberly foot on a Nikkor AF-S 500mm 4.0D II and it seems much easier to carry or support than the Canon which is much lighter and smaller lens.

Unfortunately RRS, Wimberly and Kirk have long discontinued their foots for the 300mm 2.8L IS. I have a ground tripod from RRS and the quality is really good.

It seems Hejnar is the only option. It’s US based, should be good quality.

I’m just not sure if it has enough space between the lens and the foot to hold the lens and camera comfortably.

There are dimensions on their web site, maybe is a good idea to disassemble the Canon foot, measure and weight it.

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