ORIGINAL EM5 With 12-50mm kit lens

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Re: ORIGINAL EM5 With 12-50mm kit lens

They are fine but you could likely get an EM1i for the same price or less.  Four hundred euros seems a lot for that camera and lens to me.  The EM1 has phase detect focus and should perform a bit better.  I had both.  I liked the grip on the EM1 and did not like the EM5 without a grip.  It was too hard to hold onto for me.  I used the landscape part of the two piece grip on it from about two weeks after I bought the camera.

The EM1ii is likely a better buy if you can get a good price on one used.  The performance of the newer models is not a lot better than it is.  You would find more difference in image quality going from an EM1i to an EM1ii than from the EM1ii to any of the newer Olympus bodies.  The EM5 and EM1i are very similar in image quality.  I still use the 12 - 50 mm lens on occasion.  Not as sharp as the better lenses but quite small and light.


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