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Naah, I'm fine with ACR and photoshop. And...

Batdude wrote:

Who has the balls to come out with a much better RAW converter that truly competes with Adobe Lightroom Classic? We need one.

The only reason why I use LR is because of (it's workflow, that's it!) but as a Fujifilm shooter the files it produces are really poor. When I was using the Fujifilm S5 Pro no problem, but then after several years after upgrading to newer cameras you can definitely see the problem. Color tones, film simulations, sharpness and detail is simply not there and you have to spend a LOT more time messing around with this nonsense. Fujifilm is Fujifilm, not Sony, although I get the feeling that Sony RAW files are easier to manage now over Fujifilm, with Lightroom that is.

That's the first problem. The second problem is that for importing/exporting Lightroom is SUPER SLOW.

One of the comments I liked from the thread "Do You Want 40MP?" is that someone said that more megapixels is only going to get worse. And that's true. But, the hardware is not the only problem, is the software that will be the bottleneck and will slow things up drastically as MP keep increasing.

Sure, if you don't shoot over 1000 photos it should be fine, but over that forget it.

I hope someone comes out with better faster software than Adobe Lightroom with the same or even better workflow and I would be delighted to make the change.


I used Lightroom as a beta tester and later. But haven't for long time for raws coming from any system. ACR and PS are plenty.

I'm not cataloging photos, nor developing every raw file. I shoot jpg+raw, pick best ones by looking jpg's and then work with those raws and/or jpgs.

I understand that ymmv, but this works fine for me. And I'm yet to see any worms, too. I surely have not best nor newest pc and behold, everything goes smoothly.

With mobile phone, I mostly rely with Snapseed...

A s l a

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