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Now that I'm getting more into RAW processing with C1 22 Sony, is there a recommended sequence one should follow for doing it? ie should one sharpen first, daylight, noise etc etc?

How do you do it that you finds works for you?


Silkypix taught me the preferred order and maybe C1 offers similar advice, the basics for me in this order with any converter...

  • Brightness exposure comp and any single shot HDR treatments
  • White balance
  • Contrast
  • Colour fiddling like saturation etc
  • Lastly a compromise between sharpness and noise reduction working them both until things look acceptable

I suspect that all converters have some similar video helps that tells of the basics.

With Lightroom, the general advice is "top to bottom", at least for global adjustments.

HOWEVER, the order in which they are applied is determined by Lightroom, not by the order that you invoke them

I don't have Lightroom, far too expensive for a UK pensioner. I only have the free Capture One 22 Sony.

Sure.  I was merely commenting on Guy's comment on the "basics for any converter", which ain't necessarily so.

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