Anyone tried the new Brightin Star 23mm f5.6 yet?

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Blood N Guts Murphy
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Anyone tried the new Brightin Star 23mm f5.6 yet?

I like 35mm equivalent for street photography and small lightweight lenses which let me shoot quite stealthily and fast. This lens has a fixed aperture. It is light and pancake sized. It is wide enough to use zone focusing (it has no autofocus).

Brightin Star 23mm 5.6 finally brings a 35mm equivalent street lens to Sony APSC

Wondering if anyone has given it a try and if so what do you think? It is a full frame lens so I will have a look in the other forum after this. People often suggest lenses with weak edges will be better on APSC, hence me asking here.

Optically it is very average, but that doesn't bother me for street. It is currently over priced at $100, hence me not ordering (maybe it will be reduced in price after a while). I got the Pergear 10mm f5.6 for around a third to a half of that price from Ali Express. The Brightin Star looks like it is worth similar, imho it should be more like ~$50. I also paid just £65 (~$80) for the 19mm Sigma f2.8 used, so I am not paying more for a weaker manual lens with fixed f5.6 aperture.

Here is the review where I formed my opinion:

If they don't reduce the price and/or the reviews stay poor, I will wait until TTartisans or 7artisans make something similar. I keep asking TT to make an APSC ~21mm or 22mm f5.6 version of the nice little 28mm f5.6 retro pancake they recently made for Leica (pictured below). If not, I will grab a Sony 20mm f2.8 pancake at some point. It wasn't worth ~£160 Vs £65 for the 19mm Sigma recently, so I went for the optically better, but bigger 19. A 23mm would make it worth keeping the 19 too.

The delightful 28mm TTartisan lens we should (imho) be asking to be made for Sony APSC, but wider. If the distance markings were correct I would pay $200 for one in black, with the focus lever and classy design.

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