What's your / a good Z lens purchase strategy?

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What's your / a good Z lens purchase strategy?

I started watching a Youtube video the other day of a photographer talking about his favorite lenses. The first was an f/1.8 50 mm prime. The second a slightly different f/1.8 50 mm  prime. The third an f/1.4 50 mm prime. That's where I stopped  watching.

Now let he who is without sins cast the first stone, as I also have multiple versions of the same type of lens for most of my lenses. So I thought I would ask for the wisdom of this forum on a strategy to avoid keeping buying the same lens. (Well, better/different versions of the same type of lens.)

Then I thought: let's make this a bit broader. Looking at Nikon's Z lens roadmap, it starts becoming clear that for < 300 mm they have a few main sets of lenses:

  • Currently just one f/1.2 S-line prime, but looks like two more are  coming
  • A good number of f/1.8 S-line primes
  • f/2.8 S-line "holy trinity" zooms: 14-24, 24-70, 70-200 mm
  • f/4 S-line zooms: 14-30, 24-70, 24-120 mm (but no matching tele zoom?)
  • f/2.8 non S-line zooms that seem to be licensed from Tamron, currently 17-28  and 28-75, likely 70-180 mm on the way
  • Variable aperture zooms

(Roughly, the  f/2.8 S-line lenses are all $2000+, the S-line f/4 lenses and non S-line f/2.8 zooms a bit over $1000 and the variable aperture zooms under $500.)

Until now, my strategy has always been to look for the sharpest affordable variable aperture lenses. But those f/4 S-line zooms look really sweet, especially when the time comes to make the jump from DX to full frame.

But then, wouldn't I want to upgrade those to the f/2.8 S-line versions at some point, and once again have to add an extra shelf to my lens closet?

So what is your Z lens acquisition strategy? Or a strategy that you  recommend?

I kept the poll answers as simple as possible, so please pick the one that comes closest and of course add details and other thoughts to the discussion.

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Only the best: f/2.8 S zoom trinity all the way!
20.0% 18  votes
Also top of the line, but half the price: the f/4 S zooms
45.6% 41  votes
Also half the price but still f/2.8: the "Tamron Nikkor" zooms (not S-line)
2.2% 2  votes
Even more affordable: the variable aperture zooms
7.8% 7  votes
Forget zooms, it's prime lenses for me
20.0% 18  votes
My existing F mount lenses on the FTZ
4.4% 4  votes
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