AF-S issue on XH2s

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AF-S issue on XH2s

I loaned an XH2s for 4 days to test. I shot stills around town but also used it on 1 job and did a few video tests.

I generally really like the camera, I found the AF-C performance really good. Object tracking is very sticky as is face tracking and produces really sharp images. I like the ergo of the camera as well. Coming from an XT4 it takes a little while to get used to, but the custom dial is really useful. The ISO being not assignable to a dial a bit annoying but I guess they can fix this in firmware. I might very well get one at some point.

One thing I wanted to test was the behavious in AF-S with wide angle lenses a small aperture and unfortunately the camera exhibits the behaviour as my XT4. Basically AF-S is unreliable in specific conditions:

As a reminder these specific conditions are shooting at small aperture (smaller than f/5.6) in bright light, focusing on a distant object and using a wide angle lens.

I tested this with a XF14mm f/2.8 and XF18mm f/1.4 shooting a building in the sun at around 40m from me, aperture was f/7.1-f/8. Focus-Release priority was on Focus. Out of 20 shots, 6 were out of focus. 30% out of focus in AF-S on a static subject.

In addition, when in manual focus mode and using the AF-on button, this problem doesn't happen as the camera focuses using the widest apreture (and not the working aperture as it does in AF-S mode)

I know this has been discussed in this forum for other camera models and some people get upset when this gets brought up. I know there are people that don't believe this is an issue and that this is user error. It's not. I could reproduce the issue on this camera as I can on my XT4. You can try it for yourself very easily - remember the specific conditions.

Also in darker light, at wide or moderate aperture, with longer lenses or at close focusing distances I don't have a problem with Fuji's AF-S.

I've reported this to Fujifilm but haven't received an answer yet. I did report this to Fuji for my XT4 and even sent my unit back to them but no luck. Posting this here in the hope that bringing some attention to the issue again might get someone to look at this.

one out of focus, focus box was somewhere on the 2nd floor

one in focus

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