Odd Focusing Issue - 90 APO Summicron

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Re: Odd Focusing Issue - 90 APO Summicron

bs1946 wrote:

You bought a used lens and any testing that retailers like KEH do is enough to verify that things work when they buy it. That lens may have been on its way to failure even before you got it.

I've bought all of my gear used for the past five or six years and even though that has allowed me to own Leica gear, which I otherwise could not afford, I'm aware that anything I have could develop a problem tomorrow. It's just like buying a used car, the tradeoff is risk versus savings.

That's true, I'm still way ahead, but this is the first used Leica lens I've purchased.  I'm still ahead of the game since it was $1500 less than retail and the repair was $300.  I'm mainly curious how the failure happened and what I can do prevent it from happening again.


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