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Re: Editing a RAW image

Capture One gives you the opportunity to create a personalised tool tab or you may prefer to work with the standard ones. My personalised tool tab includes Histogram, White Balance, Exposure, Levels, High Dynamic Range, Clarity, Sharpening, & Dehaze. YMMV.

l have Levels and High Dynamic Range set to 'Auto Adjust' (top left – Adjustments > Configure Auto Adjustments) which are triggered by Ctrl L on the keyboard. This gives a good starting point and from there you can tweak HDR to suit the image. I mostly find that the Auto Adjust setting for Levels is pretty good.

I will usually apply a little Clarity, and often boost Saturation from 0 to 4 (that's a personal preference). The standard Sharpening is set to 160 and I don't often mess with that unless using PhotoLab first. Finally I will play with the Exposure setting, bearing in mind that this will have some affect on other settings. By this stage I am often happy with the image but will sometimes tweak White Balance very slightly if I feel it's necessary. Other settings such as Contrast & Brightness, Colour Editor, Colour Balance, Layers, Keystone are used as required.

Nowadays I'm tending to use PhotoLab’s DeepPrime and Lens Correction on many of my images before exporting them as dng files to C1. If I do this I turn off Sharpening in C1 as combining PhotoLab’s Lens Correction with C1 Sharpening can lead to things being over sharpened.

Doing the above is pretty fast; probably no slower than doing similar things with a JPEG editor. If I have a series of images which are similar I will click on the Copy/Apply upward facing arrow at top right, and then when I move to the next image I click on the downwards facing Copy/Apply arrow.

Make sure you go to Lens Correction in C1 and select the profile for your camera from the drop down box. Another important thing is to go to the Export window (top left) and set up your Export Recipes. I normally choose to export as a full size JPEG highest quality, with ICC Profile - Adobe RGB, and Output Sharpening for Screen. Bear in mind that this menu, like others, probably has a lower section which is not always visible until you place your cursor on it and scroll up or down.

This may be helpful - https://imagealchemist.net/processing-pipeline-in-capture-one/#:~:text=The%20processing%20pipeline%20in%20Capture,about%20the%20best%20editing%20workflow.

When I started with C1 I think I would have struggled a lot if I didn't have Nils Wille Christoffersen’s guide to C1. I still find myself referring to it frequently. It's also worthwhile exploring the webinars / tutorials available from C1 and many other useful videos in YouTube.

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