Sony HX99, Panasonic ZS80, or Canon SX740

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Re: Sony HX99, Panasonic ZS80, or Canon SX740

I don't know if I have much to add. I have a Panasonic ZS80 (longtime ZS user), a Sony HX99 (had to have it once) and had a Canon 720 (again, had to have it). I was unimpressed with the Canon and sold it. The HX99 is pretty good, but takes a mini SD card, (It's also spring loaded, so be careful.) The ZS80 is good and has lots of features. The HX99 is small, a +plus, but slippery, a -minus. It needs a stick on grip. (If you're dropping the ZS80, It will get even worse with the HX99, which also has that tiny card). All three of them have a long zoom and a small sensor - All of which is nice until you blow the pictures up a bit. Of those three, I'd stay with the ZS80. Then you only lose a bit of quality in the bigger prints. Note - the HX99 also has great features.

I recently bought a Sony RX100 vii. It has a 1 inch sensor and a 200mm lens, but it is expensive. I had been putting it off because of the expense. I think it takes better pictures then any pocketable/travel camera I've had, and now it gets most of the use.

If you are set on having that long zoom, you might look at a used Casio EX ZR800 (Ebay?}. I thought it had better picture quality then any of the first three. If you can do without the long zoom, and want one you can not easily break, but that has lots of features - get an Olympus TG6. It's waterproof, drop proof, crush proof, etc..

Peace. .....and Best Wishes.


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