What lenses are a priority for a new OM-1/M43 owner?

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What lenses are a priority for a new OM-1/M43 owner?

So this weekend I bought myself an OM-1.

It was a bit of a surprise, I was a Nikon user (still am as I couldn't bear to part with my Z5), and I thought I was going to try/put my name on a the list for a Z9, but the moment I held it I knew it wasn't for me. I knew I'd never just carry it for being so big and conspicuous and it was heavy. I wanted something for wildlife/birds and something I could carry in my bag and whip out to capture those moments that you just see. I knew a bit about the top AF performing cameras and after broadening my search and holding just about every flagship camera, the OM-1 won hands down.

Unfortunately I know nothing about m43. What lenses are good, what works with what etc. I ended up with the Oly 100-400 for initial birding/wildlife (with a plan to add the 300 f4 if it's not fast enough) and I also ended up with the sigma 16mm f4 as I knew I needed a general lens to help me 'learn the camera' and the store had it in stock and it was on sale/affordable. I just didn't want to drop another 1K+ per lens, that I didn't know anything about and I didn't want to waste money getting a variable zoom kit lens.

So I’m looking for recommendations. I'd like to probably switch to mostly using the OM-1 and start investing in better glass. For my Z5 I have the 24-200mm and 40mm as my faster prime. I'd like better performing glass than these if possible. I can budget about another $2.5 to 3K for other lenses for non wildlife use over the next 12 months. I want to build an initial well rounded set of good glass I can start myself off with and cover my most needed uses.

Other than wildlife, my needs are probably something for astrophotography, street/travel/landscapes and indoors - mostly shooting people playing billiards in bars!

But I’m not sure where to start. Do I need 2.8 zooms, or are they big and heavy, etc. I like the idea of having maybe something smaller but good perhaps in addition to better lenses for times you really want to travel light, but how do f4 perform on the m43 platform with the reduced DOF? All m43 lenses work right? Are there advantages to sticking with Olympus lenses or buying another brand?

It's a lot, and my head is swimming from all the new information. I did try searching but most discussions seemed about pros/cons of a particular lens which is great, but doesn't help if I don't know if I can use it, or if it's something that more niche rather than a good choice to help me build a well rounded initial set of glass. I really need a shove in the right general direction to know what to look for so I can go off and research the threads about those lenses in depth!

Thanks in advance!

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