Rolling/electronic shutter vs mechanical shutter?

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Re: Rolling/electronic shutter vs mechanical shutter?

bodeswell wrote:


Readout is always with the second electronic curtain. Every mechanical-shutter exposure is an electronic one, too, it's just that there is no light at the beginning of pixel activation

when is the beginning of pixel activation?

or just before readout, so the mechanical shutter alone determines exposure.

Also, I am struggling with the idea that readout takes 1/30 or 1/60 depending on the camera but there are lots of 1/1000 and faster pix that don’t seem to have rolling shutter. Still hard for me to understand.

For a mechanical shutter that's around 1/250 second for the top to bottom travel, any faster shutter speeds just expose a traveling slit that gets narrower as the shutter speeds get quicker. So there can be movement in the scene between the time that the shutter slit is near the top of the image or near the bottom.

Like this set of 4 different shutter speeds. link to the article .


Electronic shutters are similar. It takes time to reset a row of pixels, accumulate light, then transfer the data to the camera memory. And repeat.

The new Nikon Z9 doesn't have a mechanical shutter, since it's "stacked sensor" high speed data transfer can scan the whole frame in 1/270 (I think). My Nikon Z6 takes 1/20 or 1/30 second to scan an electronic image, depending on the image format.

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