Your favorite Nikon camera body for use with vintage manual focus lenses

Started Aug 21, 2022 | Discussions thread
Ricosuavefoto Regular Member • Posts: 111
Nikon Z5 is great

I have a Nikon Z5 and using vintage lenses with it is great. It is my favorite body for this because it is the one I have. I started with 35mm full manual (Pentax Spotmatic F, Zorki) and for the last 20 years or so that I have been on DSLR (Pentax, Nikon) I thought it would be fun to go manual but focus was a pain. No split prism focus and only the little green arrow focus indicators made it difficult on all my DSLRs.

But when I got the Z5 I learned about focus peaking, so I got adapters and gave it a try. It really works great, and that along with the ability to zoom 200% in the viewfinder gives me easy and crystal clear focus. And all the old tricks of setting hyperfocal distance with a fixed aperture or choosing ISO/aperture/speed work as well. If you set the manual lens settings, you also get IBIS. You can used aperture priority and let the camera pick shutter speed and ISO if you want. And there are cheap 3rd party adapters for pretty much every lens mount.

I don't know what pro shooters think of the Z with vintage lenses. It is a slower process and the modern lenses are really good. But if there is a look you want, or if you want a cheaper option for a particular focal length, or you just like nostalgia and farting around with vintage stuff, the Z5 is great with vintage lenses.

(One note: only the newer Nikon AF-S lenses with built-in motors will autofocus. Everything else is manual focus. The newer AF and AF-D and G lenses with electronic connections will control aperature and record exif data with the Nikon FTZ adapter but are manual focus because the FTZ has no screw drive. Older Nikons and other brands will not supply exif data and will be manual focus and aperture.)

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