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I think Fuji are underpricing the H2.

It might sound ludicrous but I strongly think the H2 should probably have been priced closer to the £$4k mark,  £$3.5-4k imo, certainly in that area.

The H2s is probably close to fair value at £2.5k and again might actually be underpriced considering what's on offer, although it has some stiff competition from the OM-1 and therefore is always going be judged by that, on paper at least they do look comparable and OM-1 is £$2k. On the other hand there is the A9II too, used these are also comparable in price, so X-H2s will struggle unfortunately to ever command more than £2.5k imo, its just going to be how it is.

Iq wise the H2s is superior to the OM-1 once you can get to grips with x-trans. m43 pretty much falls apart when pushed hard with its dated 12bit sensor and 2x crop will always be very challenging. What people don't seem to understand though is how low the resolution drops for landscape with m43, as soon as you step outside 4:3 and crop to 3:2 you are at 18mp, with the lower dr/noise/resolution etc I think H2s with excellent functionality and overall construction is still a big step up for m43 users, and worth its premium, but what do I know! Similarly there are distinct advantages of the H2s over the A9 but the FF tax and marketing will always command a premium and list price of the A9ii is £$4k so X-H2s is certainly competitive in comparison to it.

In order for the H2s to maintain its price level though I think Fuji have seriously undervalued the H2, by as much as £2k imo, that's not an insignificant amount that's for sure. Look, I don't even have the H2 yet, but thinking about what the competition is offering for far more money;

Z7II, would you really buy that camera today before the H2, and how much will the Z7III be if they add 8k video, my bet is closer to the R5 in price and certainly £3-3.5k

R5, its a good camera but again I see the H2 has distinct advantages, not least the lens options but the af functionality is still seriously compromised on the R5 imo, for a £$4k camera its not that great overall.

A7IV, its a pretty basic camera when it all boils down to it and if you want to shoot wildlife 33mp is not nearly enough on FF and you really need some seriously long lenses or speed reducing tc's to narrow the crop advantage. Add in the max burst of 10fps with lossy compression, 5.5fps with lossless, outside of the A1/9 no Sony is really a speed demon anymore and the A9 needs a new 36mp sensor, like yesterday!

I guess they are the H2's nearest competitors, plus things like Q2, a £4.75k fixed lens camera, nearly 5k by the time you add the much needed grip.

So Fuji, why sell yourself short, the H2 is nothing short of miraculous on paper, and lets be honest we all buy these cameras "on-paper" but personally I'd have priced the H2 at £3750-3899, this would have provided room for the H2s to exist beneath it on its own merits and set the H2 at a level at which it should be appreciated, a well executed step-change in the market. Currently its an absolute bargain, Fuji may have realised this already, who knows, but I think even at £3k+ it should be sold out for the foreseeable, as it is I think it will be difficult to buy this camera at its current price once people wake up to what a phenomenal well conceived camera Fuji has unleashed!

My pricing model, all things considered would have been/be as follows;

X-H2, 3,699.00 40mp all as spec'd

X-PRO4, 3,499 40mp, ibis and new improved evf/ovf, ai processor-af engine, uhs-ii, 6k video

X-100Vx, 3,499.00, 40mp, ibis, improved evf/ovf, ai-processor-af engine, 6k video

X-T5, 3,499.00, 40mp, X-T4 evf, ibis, ai processor-af engine, twin us-ii, 6k video.

No 40mp camera below 3.5k imo.

X-H2s, 2,499.00 26mp stacked as spec'd

X-S10s, 1,999.00 26mp stacked, weather-sealed, X-T4 evf, twin uhs-ii, ai-af etc

X-T4ii, 1,999.00, 26mp, same spec with new ai-af engine, twin uhs-ii,

X-T40, 1,499.00, 26mp, ibis, single uhs-ii, improved evf, weather sealed new ai-af engine

X-S10ii, 1,499.00, 26mp, ibis, twin uhs-ii, improved evf design/relief, weather,  new ai-af engine, efcs

X-E5fixed lens, 1,499.00 26mp, ibis, uhs-i, evf, weather, ai-af, efcs

X-E5, 1,299.00, 26mp, ibis, single uhs-i, evf, weather, new ai-af. efcs

X-T300, 999, 26mp, single uhs-i, evf, new ai-af, efcs

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