Camera maintenance for fungus prevention after nighttime shooting

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I plan to make a simple DIY dry box as a user has suggested.

I think that suggestion was based on a light bulb or similar heating element. It's a good way, but just be careful not to overdo it. Too much heat or dryness is not good for the rubber elements (grips, zoom rings etc). This is also true if you use a dry box and set it to less than 40% humidity level

Notice the specific mention of a low-wattage (20-watt) bulb or heating element. The rod-type gun cabinet heating elements are specifically made for this purpose, as the wooden stocks of expensive rifles are also subject to damage from humidity that is too low.

A significant point--also mentioned--is that the cabinet need not be (and should not be) airtight, which also mitigates any problem from humidity becoming too low.

Thanks so much. I was thinking of using only silica packets in an air tight container. I will consider putting a low watt bulb. I have one question though. Should the bulb be placed a good amount of distance from the camera or can it be close?



Another idea was to use some sort of warming pad that operates off low voltage via a plugin transformer. Likely products are warming pads for gardeners for seed raising, or pet bed warming pads - but of course they may only be sold in cooler climates.

The idea is to keep the interior of the box very gently warmed. If using the light bulb method then best to keep the light bulb away from the camera, you don't want anything to get too warm. Experiment with the very lowest wattage bulb first and see if the interior over many hours does not get too warm. The camera specifications usually state the limits. Don't store your spare batteries in there, they are best stored as cool as possible but never frozen.

Thanks again for the suggestion on using warming pad(s). I doubt if they are available in my country. I will have to experiment with the light bulb method. How do I keep the container semi airtight?

Yes, the weather seems to be at its worst right now for you as far as rain and humidity is concerned.

True. The weather has been horrible since the past few months with heavy, incessant rains and cloudy days. This makes a strong case for getting a dry cabinet!

Thanks and regards


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