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What I want...

bastibe wrote:

It seems fuji's new sensors are quite good. I'm eagerly awaiting the X-T5 and X-Pro4. Rumors say that both will use the X-H2's less expensive 40 MP sensor instead of the X-H2s' 26 MP sensor.

But I worry a bit about those 40 MP files. They will require almost twice the storage, and probably process about half as quickly. I don't look forward to that. Conversely, I don't see many scenarios where I'd actually need the added resolution.

If I remember correctly, some recent Leica camera had a feature that lowered resolution, but still saved raw files. That sounds appealing! But unlikely to happen in Fuji land.

What is your take on the new sensors? Will you be able to make use of the increased resolution?


I want at least 40MP (and at least 60MP in FF). But actually 24MP is very enough for me (both APS-C and FF). I have good 50x75cm print from my 8MP sensor, and that is about how large I will ever get my photos printed. Yes, 24MP is better even in that size, but you get the idea... So, what I want and what I need are two different things for me!

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