Your favourite L-mount camera body for use with vintage manual focus lenses

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Re: Your favourite L-mount camera body for use with vintage manual focus lenses

I love manual focus lenses and when I was deciding which full frame mirrorless body from any manufacture to choose I selected the Lumix S1.


1) It is considered to have among the best IBIS among full frame mirrorless cameras. Very important to me when using my manual (or AF) lenses.

2) It's larger size handles superbly with lenses, without requiring me to buy a vertical grip to improve handling (I always used vertical grips for the handling with my APC and m43 mirrorless bodies). Small light full frame bodies like the S5 are beautiful but don't balance as well as the larger S1 with many full frame AF lenses or medium to larger size manual lenses either.

3) The S1 has a great high res viewfinder.

In terms of usage with vintage lenses. I prefer using a magnified viewfinder view over focus peeking most of the time except when I don't have a lot of time to focus the subject. I find it to be more accurate for critical focus when peeking. I just programmed the WB button to be my magnification button. After achieving critical focus, half-pressing on the shutter and the view returns to the normal non-zoomed view for final composition and taking the shot.

I use a few older AF lenses as well, but just use them as manual focus (Nikon ones that also have an aperture ring). I also have the MC21 Sigma EOS to L AF adapter, but have not really found any EOS lens that I prefer enough to buy.

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