NPS - Losing Faith Quickly

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NPS - Losing Faith Quickly

So I plunked down $300 for Nikon's Platinum NPS. I figured why not? I am supposed to get a 10% discount (value up to $300) on a one-time purchase and I decided to order the Nikon 800mm 6.3 pf lens and even if it takes 6 months or whatever I might as well take advantage of the 10% discount that pays for the membership sort-of-speak.

Here are things I have learned so far about Nikon's NPS service that has me rethinking my membership:

  • I've tried multiple times to use their "hotline" to ask their reps some questions about the ordering process. I've left messages four times and have never gotten a return phone call. It appears their phone service doesn't even exist.
  • I tried to chat with someone online. The chat option is always disabled.
  • The only option that I can get some form of correspondence is by filling out their on-line contact form. I've gotten a few responses. Most take days to respond.
  • Without a chat or voice contact I cannot have a meaningful dialog with someone. This leads to great frustration having to submit questions and maybe get a response in a day or two, then ask a follow-up.
  • Nikon states this is an annual membership. In reality it is only as long as the calendar year. If you start your memberhship in September for example, it is only 3 months. (Yes, this is in the fine print but they also call it an annual membership elsewhere.)
  • I have been told by NPS that the 10% will be applied to my order even if my Platinum membership expires before the lens gets shipped as long as I fill out the 10% discount form. Which I did... However the form asks for a image of the receipt. Well...There is no receipt since it hasn't shipped yet. (Kind of a catch 22.) I did include a photo copy of my order, but technically it's not a receipt.

There is something to be said for customer service when selecting camera gear. I realize that Nikon has had its struggles and the pandemic caused all sorts of issues that are still reverberating through the camera industry but they really do need to step up to the plate and provide better customer service especially to those paying for a premium service.

Have other NPS members experienced what I have experienced? Is using a contact form the only means of communicating with them?


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