New OM-1 Questions

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New OM-1 Questions


I've just done some checks on my new OM-1 and would like some advice from other Olympus users, especially OM-1 owners.

1. Out of the box, the shutter count was 60-70. Is this normal? Please post your own experience in this area. BTW, this was a brick and mortar retail set, not online.

2. Below are a few dark frames with noise filter and noise reduction OFF. Are the number of hot/dead pixels within specs or unacceptable? I haven't performed any remapping.

30 sec, ISO 200

15 sec, ISO 200

5 sec, ISO 200

30 sec, ISO 800

15 sec, ISO 800

5 sec, ISO 800

30 sec, ISO 6400

15 sec, ISO 6400

5 sec, ISO 6400

Any additional advice on further checks and tips greatly welcome.

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