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So I have a D500 and 500PF (also a Z6 and a few other Z lenses kicking around which I'm not too worried about).

  • I really like the 500PF, and because its only about a year old I don't really want to turn it over just yet.
  • Whilst I really enjoy the D500, I'd like to change to full frame, mainly for more detail and better noise control.
  • I'd like to shift to ML too (for birds), mainly to keep the noise (of the shutter) down, but also because Nikon has some pretty decent Z glass exotics, and some of the newer ML bodies by varying brands do have somewhat better AF: I do need something as least as good as the D500 for birds and wildlife.
  • I don't consider the Z7ii and Z6ii to be along the lines of what i'm looking for numerous reasons.

I figure I have a few options that I'm aware of:

  1. A new Nikon FF body with decent AF might come out that not the price of the Z9, all problems solved. Keep the 500PF, ditch the D500 and Z6 (after it eventually arrives).
  2. Go all in and buy a Z9, and a FTZ2, additional cash requirement after trades and credit might be $AUD4,500.
  3. Sell the D500 and buy a D850. Older but awesome tech, miss a few fps, not quieter, doesn't transition to ML or perhaps more interesting AF. Relatively cheap transition, if I can buy one.
  4. Sell everything and buy a Canon R5 and the 100-500 lens. Downgrades the glass a tad, but upgrades the body a reasonable way. But really decent long glass is back to >$17kAUD.
  5. Sell everything and buy a Sony (something) and the 200-600 lens. Downgrades the glass a tad, but upgrades the body. Again, really decent long glass is back to >$17kAUD.

Are there any more options in the FF arena that would be worth considering?


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