Free Windows file sync programs? FreeFileSync, etc.

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Re: Free Windows file sync programs? FreeFileSync, etc.


LynniePad wrote:

Eric Carlson wrote:

LynniePad wrote:

Robocopy has been around for a while, Win7 at least.

Since Windows NT 4.0 resource kit. A really long time ago. It's great for IT work, and for people who grew up using the command line, though not necessarily ideal for people not used to using a command prompt.

Yes, but some early versions were rather limited. I mentioned Win7 because it was likely the first version that many users employed. Wikipedia discusses the history.

I’d suggest that the computer skills required for command line operation are rather less than those required for wrangling LR and PS, and for the many other complex activities often recommended by our correspondents. Craig, for example, makes my head hurt.

Well, I *am* an 'IT Professional'. But my example at least had comments to explain the settings.

I wasn’t particularly referring to your recent Robocopy post, but some of your other topics are rather specialised. Note that I wasn’t being critical.

The biggest issue I have is one that faces every type of backup program - what happens to deleted files?

In my case, there are very few deleted files. A recent check revealed six accumulated files in the backup copy, but these were not an issue.

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