About the pitfalls of going multiple

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About the pitfalls of going multiple

I use 3 different systems now. 3 different purposes.

No home.

Since I use different systems I keep on bumping into people from the Fuji forum on other fora regularly. Won't name anybody, but they are there, including some "old" screen names one might remember.

I must admit that I feel less empowered - and more lost - using 3 systems. All three offer something unique, features that cannot be replicated by the other systems. As a little side effect, there is often enough no clear purpose, when those overlap. Like taking some photos of items to be sold online. I would typically reach for the X-Pro3 for those pics as none of the others have focus stacking. But that's not always necessary. And then the conundrum kicks in: choice fatigue.

My advice (I am near certain nobody needs or wants any from me, but just in case...) for anybody on the verge of jumping ship would be to consider any jumps carefully as you might find yourself in an in-between state. A mini-vacuum. Not a nice place to be. Like adding a Metabo and a Hilti to your Makita and then not knowing which one to chose. More can be less here ...

I took 3 cameras with me the other day. Don't typically do that, but since the occasion was somewhat unique I thought I would "just do it" ... and felt that the differences were there, perceivable but of little consequence in the greater scheme. Little, but not nothing in between those.

But could not shake off the feel that I secretly wished I had less options. Thought about what I would want to do in the future on the Ona Bowery scale (a bag and a good measurement for portability imo).

Thought about downsizing rather than up. The X-Pro3 almost on the "slightly too large" end of the scale. An X-E5 then? Plus a yet-to-be-available 16/2 and the 50/2 plus the 35/1.4. And leave it at that. It would fit in the Bowery, but so would the X-Pro3.

In my opinion Fujis chance to keep their current user base would be to offer some smaller bodies rather than trying to compete with full frame and similar, but different body styles.

Also feel a bit exhausted with regards to forum dynamics. Which doesn't help when trying to debate gear ... the exhaustion also indirectly a result in me using the "no home" approach.

All a bit easier if you just stick with one system. Which could still be Fuji, although their forward path is far from clear now.


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