Some Osprey sequences for comparison (Warning, Long...)

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Re: Some Osprey sequences for comparison (Warning, Long...)

Very nice pics ! I do think your pixel peeped results with K1 are better than mine with K3III, but I can't say why and there can be many reasons (first one : human failure ).

TBLF wrote:

ozdean wrote:

Eric these look good to me especially once you got the shutter up to 1/2000


I find 1/2000 is the starting point for bifs and disable SR of course.

Agreed, though I haven't been all that fastidious about remembering to kill SR... oops.

I agree too sort of, but I remember taking good photos of black swifts at less than 1/1000s. My theory is that they are so fast that if you keep them in the viewfinder, basically you move at same angular speed. If there's even a small difference, they're out of the viewfinder. Maybe in the end it's harder to use slow shutter speed with a slower bif, given also that they flap their wings faster most of the time. I don't know if it makes any sense.

When you go to crop mode on the K1 the pixel density is very similar to the K3III

Well, 16mp vs/24, that's at least a little noticeable, I would think, no? I was hoping so... but as I mentioned earlier, a lot of what's posted here is cropped WELL below micro 4/3rds, never mind APSC.

IMO leave it in FF so you have a wider view of the bird then crop in.


I suppose the only question is , what was your keeper rate for the AF?

Great question Dean. As long as I can pan accurately and fast enough against a clear sky background, the AF isn't horrid, but man oh man, let the subject get out of frame or away from the SEL9 group for a second and you have to totally feather the shutter part way with the SEL9 on the subject a few times to reacquire AF and by then it's usually too late, the moment has passed. OR... if the subject goes low against white caps and waves, or treed background, you have to make sure the subject focal point stays in play. Parallel is a better rate of course than coming at you.

I have noticed results not as good re AF accuracy and speed when using the 1.4x wr on the 150-450; probably 15% less? Mind you have a very narrow window of view for bifs when on APSc which doesn't help.

Hmmm... If I were to be the spray and pray style shooter, I might be willing to settle for that 15% loss with the TC, but with the slow K-1 CPU & Mem, I fear it would be more than 15%, since I would be waiting on buffer to release too. The K-1 doesn't lend itself to spray and pray well for those reasons.

I've never been a wasteful person. My pop beat it into me (literally at times, owww...) He would take anything that broke and break it down into its components and shelve the nuts and bolts, motors, etc for some future use. So it goes against my grain to buy something with the intent of not keeping it until it falls apart, but I might be best served by grabbing a K3III, new or even used or whatever, to play with and keep me interested until Pentax finally releases a K1 successor... then I can just peddle the K3III off and consider it a long-term rental. Heh.

Still on the fence... and still wishing we had a reasonably priced 200-600mm option available too.

Well, sure, but that 200-600 would probably shine on the K3III too

Another question is, what kind of AF performance and parameters they will be able and willing to put in next FF. I often like to use the 12 FPS of the K3III, maybe less would be enough, but 12 is nice (I really mean 12, as sometimes you don't need to continuously refocus a scene or at least during a short time). It may be spray and pray, but sometimes it's just too hard to get the exact right moment (at least it is for me).

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