Z5 exp settings in M mode changing by themselves?

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Re: Z5 exp settings in M mode changing - reqstd spl file

skyrunr wrote:

Comparing the exposure bias, which does appear to have been changed, would be the likely cause of the issue. The default is as metered, under, over. I think most users would set it up for under, as metered, over. So if your bias is 0.00, -0.67, then +0.67 that is likely the issue. You will see this in the preview as you shoot.

Don't think that I was expecting this at all in the preview, so didn't note, but thanks for this.

The Z's approach to bracketing is not intuitive. Bracketing is either ON or OFF. It cannot be setup with your desired settings in advance. AS IT SHOULD BE, and as would be intuitive.

It sure wasn't intuitive to me, but no excuse -- I could have looked more closely at the manual.  I do believe, however, that other cam brands simply use a multi-exposure per file/shot approach(only one shutter release needed), while others use different ways to alert user to take the next shots in the series (like blinking indicators in Canon).   I appreciate all the information detailed by responses in this inquiry, and hope that it might help others who may struggle.

Another option is to update your firmware to the latest version, reset all settings, and see if you still have the issue.

Actually, my firmware was/is up to date (made a point to check prior to starting the thread).

This issue was actually resolved by following up on j_photo's inquiry about bracketing, then researching (again) in the Manual, and resetting bracketing number to [0F].  I had obviously set it at some point to 3 shots and forgot about it, thinking that bracketing functionality required activation through another more "immediate" setting option.

I have looked with renewed interest at bracketing implementations on both my Fuji X-T2 and Canon 90D(a DSLR) - IMHO, way more intuitive for both. In fact, Fuji uses an actual BKT selection on the drive dial to activate, not requiring even anything "intuitive" - it's just right there to turn on.   How crazy is that?

Anyway, all fixed now on the Z5, but honestly, I'm not sure that this camera will be a keeper for me, since I do a lot of low light shooting and AF seems to struggle there (at least with this 40 f2).

thanks again

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