Camera maintenance for fungus prevention after nighttime shooting

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Re: Camera maintenance for fungus prevention after nighttime shooting

PAntunes wrote:

Suman Vajjala wrote:

Hi. I have a question regarding a method of camera maintenance for fungus prevention specially after a night of shooting. I saw a suggestion where the camera is recommended to be kept in the sunlight the next day or a few days later. Is that a safe thing to do? Also, should this be done the very next day?

I have on a couple of occasions, pointed the camera lens at the sun for a few seconds to expose the lens elements to sunlight. Is that safe? I have a mirrorless camera. It occurred to me recently that pointing it at the sun may not be such a good idea as the sensor is always exposed. Will such things result in, say, more dead/hot pixels?

If such practices are wrong, then what should one do to prevent fungus formation specially after a night of shooting? What are your best practices?

Also, if I say shoot for an hour or so in the night, can I put my camera back in the bag or should I leave it out in the open until morning? I have been keeping the camera in my bag until now as I have a few silica gel sachets in it. I want to know if that is a good practice.

Apologies if the questions are silly.



Why would you do that after a night shoot? Why is it any different from a day shoot?

There could be dew/condensation forming on the camera setup.

And no, don't point the lens directly to the sun with the camera attached.

Oh, I was pointing the lens+camera at the sun for like a 1-2 s just to expose the lens to sunlight I don't remember if the advice was for the lens or lens+camera. It looks like I am doing it wrong.



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