Leaning towards R6 but R5 is tempting me!

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Basil Fawlty
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Leaning towards R6 but R5 is tempting me!

My “main” Camera is currently a Canon 5D Mark IV, which came out back in 2016 so it’s 6 years old (bought mine in 2018 during a B&H “flash sale”). It’s a great camera and I love it, but now Canon is moving to a new system with their “R” series cameras. The RF mount allows for a lot of flexibility not available in the EF mount (like having a ring on an RF lens that can be assigned to control pretty much whatever you want (things like ISO, aperture, and exposure compensation). From all the reviews I’ve seen the EF-to-RF adaptors work perfectly with no degradation of image quality. So, since I have a lot invested in EF glass, I could move to the “R” series cameras without the need to immediately go out and buy a bunch of RF glass.

While I love the 5DIV, I am pretty much certain that I want to move to mirrorless but am torn (agonizing is more accurate) between going for the Canon R6 or spending another $1400+ (plus more $$ for CFe cards and a CFe reader, more storage space, etc) for the R5. The R6 is a 20MP camera while the R5 is a 45MP camera. Of course those with the R5 are going to tell me the R5 is the better choice, LOL. I know it is…but +$1400.

My biggest concern is having 10MP less with the R6 compared to the 5D4 (30MP) and whether the additional MP of the R5 is worth the rather hefty additional expense (it’s not just the additional $1400 for the camera, but also the added expense of using CFe cards compared to SD cards, which would include having to buy a CFExpress reader).

I know that more pixels on the R5 means I can crop in more aggressively and retain IQ, but in practical real-life situations, how often would that be an issue and how much difference will it really make in practical terms?

Of course if the R6 had just a tad more MP (like even 24) that would make the decision a little easier. But going down to 20Mp from 30MP is a hard pill to swallow, if only psychologically.  At the same time justifying more than $1400 + additional CFe card/ reader costs for the R5 is also psychologically a hard pill. I’m also considering that the 20MP sensor in the R6 is, by all accounts, essentially the same sensor Canon put in their flagship 1DX Mark III, which is point in the favorable column for the R6. Even though it's "only" 20MP, it must be a darn good sensor if they had put it in their flagship DSLR.

I do like the fact that the R6 uses the same cards in both slots whereas the R5 uses two different card types (I hate that about my 5D4). Aside from the MP and some increased video capability (which isn’t that important to me) it seems the two are very comparable when comparing all other features.

I guess the real question would be how much I could still crop in with the R6 before seeing any noticeable degradation of IQ? I know of course that the R5 would be “better” than the R6 but is it $1400+ more expense for cards better?  I could probably justify getting an R6 while keeping the 5DIV, but if I decided on the R5 I would almost certainly need to sell the 5DIV.

I know anyone who has the R5 is going to tell me that's the way to go, but I'm interested in hearing from R6 owners - any regrets?  How often to you find yourself thinking "darn, I need more MP, and under what circumstances?

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