Should I use SLOG3 is default?

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Re: In an 8-bit camera - NO

Entropy512 wrote:

S-Log3 tries to cram too many EV into too few code values, such that it is worse than the human threshold for banding perception across the entire dynamic range. This is worsened by the fact that it doesn't even use the upper 20-30 code values in the range.

S-Log2 pushes fewer EV into more code values (because it goes all the way up to 255 at peak brightness)

There's also the issue that 8 bits is not enough for S-Gamut - I've seen some people recommend pumping up the saturation and then correcting for that in post as a workaround, but the more common approach is to use HLG3 + Rec2020.

HLG3 is in theory not as well suited as S-Log2 as a luma transfer function (it's a bit too wasteful at the upper end), but you can't mix Rec2020 and S-Log2, so HLG + Rec2020 winds up being the easiest tradeoff to use once you take into account chroma issues with 8-bit in addition to luma.

Thank you. I think for all my footage Ill just stick to HLG3+Rec2020 as it seems simplest, and I feel that its a rabbit hole if Ill dig deeper, not sure Im up for it right now

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