First shoot with new camera, messed up 80 photos, Fujifilm X-H2S help

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First shoot with new camera, messed up 80 photos, Fujifilm X-H2S help

I just got my Fujifilm X-H2s and XF35mm F2 yesterday and today I went out for a shoot after just messing around in the different modes in my house last night. I am cold on the photography world but not new, I've operated a lot of pro camera equipment for live concert and performance stuff, but have never delved very deep in to digital camera and stills much. Everything was going good, I watched some videos, had some basic knowledge of the different modes (correct me if Im wrong, as I understand it
P is program mode which seems like a basic auto everything, if you change the front dial it changes one thing at a time but everything else will match an auto exposure level one way or another...
S is shutter priority, the front right dial will control the shutter speed, and everything else will be auto

A is aperture priority, same thing but with the aperture wheel on the lens...
for the record Im not sure how exactly everything works yet, but I was only changing the shutter speed in S mode and only changing the aperture in A mode... whenever i was going to change out of A mode, i put the physical aperture lens wheel back to A... But I understand the shutter/dial to be digitally controlled, so no need to change it to anything before switching modes. 
M is for manual mode, and it seems to be the only one that actually allows for changing the overall exposure level without it getting corrected with something else.

normal looking photo before it had any problems

So I start shooting in P mode, my camera is in the mode for saving photos "Fine" so it was making .jpgs to the memory card and not raws. Since this problem, i have switched it to fine+raw, but for the shoot today I don't have any raws unfortunately. The sun is in the background of a little pond and the sunset is changing the lighting quickly. At first, everything was going good and the photos were looking good on the evt and the lcd.

this was how the exposure first got stuck while in P mode without changing any settings

All of a sudden, the shots were very overexposed so I believe the first thing i did was click the iso button and try to change the iso, but when i changed it, it corrected other things and it stayed overexposed. So my lovely model, my wife, is growing impatient and im trying to get shots in before the sun sets... I put the Camera in M mode and played with it a little bit, and got it where i wanted it.. After a couple shots, I dont know what I did, but I only changed the iso, shutter speed, the aperture, and didnt even really mess with the white balance iirc... But the photos, as well as the evt and the lcd was showing extremely hot, white photos and i started turning the levels to auto and normal settings but nothing i did really changed much... so i made sure the aperture was on A and then I flipped the wheel to P mode, hoping everything would go back to auto and fix itself, but it didnt... so i turned off the camera, turned it back on, same problem... then I go to settings, reset all "still" settings to default. and then the evt and the lcd look perfect again, its in P mode and everything is looking great, Im not messing with the settings anymore and im just using the focus point and different angles to get the exposure that i want and Im happy with the shots that im taking, the colors and exposure are responding on both the LCD and the EVT and its looking good... no more nuclear-white displays ever since i reset the settings. so I take about 40 shots, rush over to another spot and take another 40 shots, my wife wants to see some of the photos and we go to look back at them, and they're nuclear-white just like the problem i was having before, even though the whole time I was taking the photos the display and evt were looking beautiful.

here's what im talking about. I mean in the EVT and LCD these were beautiful shots full of color and everything when i clicked to take the photo. is it a glitch ? I have 80 shots like this

My first question is, is there any way to save the shots digitally ? I tried opening them in X Raw Studio but since they are just Fine JPGs I dont see anything editable. Now that I switched my camera to Fine+RAW saving, i opened those Raws and can see that might have been a way to fix it, though, as I understand, you're still not really changing the true iso because it was a physical thing happening in the camera when the picture was taken, and changing it later is just like applying a filter? Is there any other way to save them? I will try to post some here if it lets me, this is my first post.
My second question is, how is it possible that at first the evt and lcd were looking white and taking white photos. Then when i reset the settings, they look perfect, but the camera didn't take what i was seeing in both the evt and LCD. How is this possible? How can I avoid that happening again?
Thank you

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