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An outing with the X-Pro3 and some thoughts about multiple systems

I went to Gibbs Farm on Thursday, took 3 cameras. Not because I needed to but because it has been near impossible to get a ticket to Gibbs Farm in the past and I thought I would only have one opportunity to go. At least for the foreseeable time.

I took the X-Pro3, the Q2 and the A7IV. Different lenses. One of the aspects I was interested in was the difference between the Fuji 14/2.8 and the Sony 20/1.8. I hadn't expected how much wider the 20mm Sony was when compared to the - on paper - 21mm Fuji. But it was.

Originally I wanted to post some comparisons, but thought this would possibly start a mini-war, not the same composition, not taken from a tripod, not controlled enough etc. add a "give me the RAW and I can make this look just-the-same in Lightroom" ... offputting at the best of times as often it is not what you shoot in a controlled tripod (Gitzo of course ) environment, but what you shoot. From the hip, looking through the viewfinder, trying to find something interesting.

So will only share some pics taken with the X-Pro3 and the 14/2.8.

I wished I had more control over the light on the cubes photo and the last one, could not reign in the sky enough to make it look interesting. But it is what it is ...

Feedback as always welcome.


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