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Re: Amtrak Coast Starlight Chualar

1971_M5 wrote:

Really cool. Shot with a Coolpix 9100... impressive! I liked your story, too. As I said, really cool.

Tnx 1971_M5. I used the S9100 because I wanted the max telephoto compression effect. Both my full frame and APS-C systems only go out to 300mm or the equivalent (with the APS-C). The S9100 goes to the equivalent of 450mm, which is where I was set when I took the photo. Knowing that added to the surprise of how quickly the train passed once I got my one shot.

Over the years I have found with small sensor cameras (albeit good ones, not entry level) if I have good light and do my part I can come up with prints at 11X14 that are not discernable from what my APS-C system (Sony Nex/Alpha) gets. Maybe via pixel peeping, but not looking at the print on the wall.

Doing my part on a camera which is not set up to be manually controlled means getting my pre-sets correctly. Certainly critical when there is only a one shot opportunity. Fortunately I have had a lot of experience with this camera since it was given to me (by someone who wanted even more tele extension) in 2013. I have a lot of confidence in it. My background is film, going back to when everything was manual, so I know how to pre-set to get what I want. It is also compact enough for easy carry. I keep it in a Penguin Micro Case which is great protection with quick access. Very handy rig. Unbeatable price.

Since I make my own prints I post-process with PSE. This one did not take much. What is interesting is that when I take the image posted here on DPR, go to 'View: original size' to view it larger, it is not quite as sharp as looking at the same image direct from my folder.

The Salinas Valley is a wind tunnel. Since I was facing south, the wind was at my back. Since this is all ag country, there is normally plenty of dust. But recent rains had left the ground damp enough to eliminate dust. Better for the photograph, for the camera, and for me. I'll take luck anywhere I can find it.

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