What’s happening to the G5X II?

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Re: What’s happening to the G5X II?

Rock and Rollei wrote:

I suspect Canon are prioritising the G7X III, as that's pretty popular still with vloggers and is probably selling stronger overall.

Cameras, and especially ones with specialized lenses, I suspect are made in batches. It may be a while till inventory improves, assuming canon is still producing then or if they are silently in paused production which I suspect is the case here. The whys is what we’re bickering about which I’d say there’s plenty of reasons including Sony, Canon, sales, smartphones, lifecycle (older product now), product priority. Yes to all the above.

The real question: is it silently out of production, or end of life? That becomes irreverent if you’re out of production long enough you create your own end of life which I think may be happening here. Example, Sony resumed the A6400, but not the a6600 (correct me if I’m wrong). But the 6600 has been out of production so long, Sony if they revive it, it’ll likely be updated aka 6700, etc by now.

I think the bigger question isn’t the G5x II itself, but rather point and shoots and their future which has been contradicting for some time. The G7x III probably still has supply in the chain, I don’t think it’s higher demand based off previous stats I’ve reviewed. They also (Canon) made more presumably due to market projection and if they had extra G7x optics to produce more bodies… The G5x II is like the G3X; mono-body lens vs the G7x has three.

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