Free Windows file sync programs? FreeFileSync, etc.

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Re: Free Windows file sync programs? FreeFileSync, etc.

ReedW wrote:

I'm interested in a free, simple and reliable Windows program to back up files on a local hard drive to an external drive. Ideally, I would enter a source (local) and target (external) directory, click Go and the program would determine which files were different and copy the source files to the external drive.

A recent thread mentioned the FreeFileSync program:

I did some web searching and found few mentions of it or recent reviews. Many articles on the best sync software don't mention it and many of the reviews I found were very old.

I'm interested in hearing any feedback on FreeFileSync and other free alternatives.

I’ve been using Robocopy for some time now, it’s free, as it’s a built-in Windows program. It runs incremental/cumulative backups, and takes advantage of multi-threading. Typically, adding a day’s work to the backup takes less than a second.

Robocopy has many options/switches and this can be daunting. My configuration is available if you are interested.

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