What is your super lightweight medium format kit?

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Re: Some Plaubel Makina 67 shots

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Good stuff which is lightweight from pre color years, just kidding, but today is also important. Can you carry your GFX100s on daily basis for a week as I think you tossed your Sony. See if you can get your love of street groove back with your lightweight Fuji GFX100s. It is definitely less weighty then some of the gear you have carried daily many decades ago.

Anyways, it would be nice to see you celebrate some street groove with your current gear.

I have a small camera which should be OK for street photography, the Leica Q2 Monochrom. It doesn't have a good way to zone focus, and the lens is a little short, but those are the only drawbacks I see.

However, I'm not going to do street work any more. People's attitudes towards street photographers have changed, and my physical issues would make it difficult for me.

Too bad, each of the photos you presented but for the first you could do better today with your Gfx set up.  The landscape you put in another thread made me revisit this thread and wonder how you could make your gfx100s dance for street.  I get to socialize with many recovering from pretty cataclysmic accident and I remember the more than twinkle in the eye of a person stuck to wheel chair for life  when I let him play with the GFX.  We even discussed a arm with ball head attachment to his chair. I do hope he picked up his camera again or found something that energized his senses.

Yes, people are different.  I was walking Saltzberg back in March and there is an anti public photography mood.  I shot dogs because of it and now have this wonderful shot of a  bulldog with human legs shot low to the ground. The people were even discussing my photographing the dog as I clicked.

It seems like you really love to stage your work.  You can always just set your GFX on a very low tripod to frame the scene and use the Fuji app to click away.

Sorry about your physical stuff.  I wish you well with recovery and or adjusting.

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