Question to those who own the EF 35mm F/2 IS USM lens

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Re: Question to those who own the EF 35mm F/2 IS USM lens

To add more confusion into the mix, I compared IQ of the lenses with my EF 70-200 F4L IS (which I think is one of the best lenses ever made with jaw-dropping rendition). I used the "" for the comparison.

And I plan to use two lens setup (35mm + big white L), as I'm fine with not having a lens for landscape and don't find the 50mm range interesting. So if we go by this, then it would make sense to pair the 70-200 with something that is on its level (or even surpasses it). The L tele is the benchmark for me. If a 35mm can come close to it, then I'll be a happy man.

I used the sweet spot of the tele lens (F/5.6) and 70mm focal range (I'm not sure what focal range is its sweet spot though).

The Tamron SP 35mm 1.4 has excelled it by F/2.8 which is quite something (check here )...

The Tamron SP 35mm 1.8 VC, both at F/5.6, and the 70-200 wins but not by much.

The Sigma 35mm 1.4 HSM Art vs 70-200, both at F/5.6, the tele wins.

Canon EF 35mm F2 IS vs 70-200, both at F/5.6, the 35 IS wins.

As for subjectivity, I have used sites such as flickr, explorecams etc. to view !hundreds! of photos taken with each 35 mm lens on the same body I have (except for the Tamron 35mm 1.4 because sample size is low) and here's what I found:

The Sigma 35mm 1.4 has the most life, character, pop to it. I could not find a photo of which I could describe as "bad". Unlike what the test chart shows, this lens is sharp wide open. It has creamy bokeh and pleasing colors.

Both the Canon EF 35mm F/2 IS USM and Tamron 35mm 1.8 VC seem to be close in terms of overall look (minus vignetting of Canon and chromatic abberation of Tamron), but the Canon is much softer than the rest of the lenses.

The Tamron 35mm 1.4 beats them all, however there are limited compositions to draw conclusions from (with my camera at least, all are models posing with perfect lighting and setup). Sorry for the long read.

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