One Lens for GFX100s

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Re: Choose by angle(s) of view

For comparing lens mm deduct 20percent and you get the equivalent of full frame.  So gf50 (40mm FF), gf45-100 (36-80mm FF), etc…

Also consider the new gf35-70 and look at used.  I just gave quick look at eBay and gf35-70 is around 700USD and the gf50 is around 600USD.   This forum’s mod gave the 35-70 a pretty good review.  
As for Iceland, there are a few good threads on Iceland with som wonderful photograph.  The poster was “Greg” something.  Pretty good stuff to help you decide.  My recollection is that he liked the gf45-100 on his trip but please give the Iceland threads a look.

Whatever you decide, I hope it helps you to push your art and creativity to new heights.

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