One Lens for GFX100s

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Re: Choose by angle(s) of view

"one" lens because I'm not made of money. LoL

As I said, one lens to get started. I'll add others later.


just Tony wrote:

hypercore360 wrote:

Yes, this is the approach I've been looking at. At full-frame, I probably use the 24-70 range the most. The Fuji 45-100 seems like the most viable candidate

In the region where the fields of view are similar I found that the 32-64 is a worthy counterpart to a very recent top tier 24-70 on full frame such as the Nikkor S f/2.8. That being said the GF had better retention of subject details in the frame corners in the scenes I shot. I saw the comment further up about field curvature and I’ll look into that more (I’ve mostly been using the 23 and 45 lately). The GF 35-70 might also be a possibility.

”One lens” is a strong constraint.

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