Jumping to a full frame Z, what to keep, what to sell?

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Re: I was completely wrong about DX crop mode and a question about 70-200 for macro...

olyflyer wrote:

It is true that watch photography does not literally require a macro lens, but the advantage of using a macro lens versus using a "normal" lens, prime or zoom, is that a good macro lens has much better resolution, which the high resolution cameras can really benefit from.

You all have definitely convinced me that a dedicated macro lens make sense. And given how good the 105 (or 100) seem to be for portraits it has some more versatility as well.

I did notice just now that on Nikon's own page about the teleconverters they make the case that this turns the 70-200, for example, into a "macro style powerhouse". 400mm at 3' of focusing probably does cover a lot of ground. And losing 2 stops isn't really an issue if I'm going to be at f/11 or higher anyway, right? Again, not suggesting this would be "better" but seemingly it could be workable.

ref:  https://www.nikonusa.com/en/nikon-products/product/mirrorless-lenses/z-teleconverter-tc-2.0x.html

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