Jumping to a full frame Z, what to keep, what to sell?

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Re: I was completely wrong about DX crop mode and a question about 70-200 for macro...

iljitsch wrote:

A step up from that is to point the camera at the subject, half-press the shutter so the camera performs autofocus, and then move the camera to get (close to) the framing you want. This is called "focus and recompose".

I could be wrong of course (it should be clear that I have less experience than most people here) but I never considered this technique to be better or worse than what I was describing, but rather just one used for different applications.  I do exactly what you are describing when I'm in AF-S mode.  So if I'm taking a picture of an eagle sitting still, I'll definitely do that.  But if there are 20 kids flying past me on mountain bikes, there's no time for all of that so I'm in AF-C mode and just going with trying to put the dot on each rider sequentially.  I have the shutter half pressed for the entire shot sequence, but I'm just moving the dot, then taking the shot (or two), as quickly as I can.

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