Jumping to a full frame Z, what to keep, what to sell?

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Re: I was completely wrong about DX crop mode and a question about 70-200 for macro...

olyflyer wrote:

If you have use or need for the 1.4x magnification or not is another matter. With the high resolution cameras you have a lot of cropping latitude, so you can actually show details through digital "magnification" also. Another benefit of taking the image with less magnification is that the DOF will severely increase as you move away from the subject, and with that the details will increase also. The DOF is extremely narrow when you are at 1.4x magnification, even if you have selected f11, or even f32, meaning also that you will need a lot of extra light, the closer you are the more light is needed. But again, if the macro lens with 1.4x magnification is something you can use, pay for and want, then there is no reason not to buy it, but that single 0.4x extra magnification should not be the make or break factor, and it is also very important that the lens is as good, or better at 1x magnification than the alternatives. There is no point in buying a lens only for the higher magnification if the performance is worse at the magnification and use cases which will be the majority for you.

That all makes sense, thank you for the details.  One requirement for any new camera is an automated focus bracketing feature to allow for easier stacking.  My understanding was that this is a nearly essential element to getting good macro shots on a larger (relative to the head of an insect, for example) item where you want the entire thing in focus.  Your tips still apply of course, it may just result in "only" needing 30 images instead of 100.  I don't have any sense of the actual numbers there, but it makes sense to me that as the DOF on a given "slice" gets wider you'd need less slices to achieve the goal.

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