I think I need a NAS but I don't know

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I think I need a NAS but I don't know

firstly, if the mods want to move this to where is more appropriate then please do. I just couldn't decide if this should go to Mac Talk- I have 3 mac computers, PC talk- I have a PC, Iphone talk- I have an iphone and ipad, accessories talk- a NAS is an accessory after all- so who knows?

right then here goes.

I have now about 18TB of data that is kept on various external hardrives and duplicated on other various hard drives at my office. All well and good, but the whole thing needs rationalising.

I would love it all in the cloud but that would cost a kings ransom over time- especially as that 18TB is bursting at the seams, and adding wildlife to the things I take pictures of is going to swell that number.

So I think I need a NAS- one that can host my files and that I can log into from anywhere. I say 'I think' because I have been youtubing NAS for idiots, NAS for beginners, etc etc etc and I seem to glean very little information. Either they are too basic or far too technical.

this channel :


is the biggy, but he seems to be a very poor communicator. He knows what he's talking about clearly, but oh my he wants to say so much that he ends up saying nothing.

I think what I need is a 2 box solution. One at home with lots of drive bays to make the RAID fast and act as a file server, and another at my office which is just a backup of the one at home that doesn't need the speed and features so can be a lot cheaper.


i) Am I thinking on the right lines?


ii) where do I start looking to gather the knowledge and information that I need?

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