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Re: question about RF-S lenses

JustUs7 wrote:

If you’ve only ever shot APS-C digital, then 18-45 will look just like anything else you’ve used in that range. Kit lenses used to be 18-55, so the RF-S lens just doesn’t zoom as close. Equivalence talk just makes things confusing.

If you’ve used 6D or 5D or 35mm film SLR’s, then the equivalence talk will have meaning.

So what’s your experience?

Not sure I have that much experience right now to speak of! lol...purchased an EOS R7 several weeks ago and love it so far, although I'm still learning to master some of its functions (I'm returning to photography from my last camera, which was an EOS Elan 7, so yeaaahhhh.....!).

I watched a lot of videos and researched quite a bit before pulling the trigger on the R7 and as I said I don't regret it (I also have an EOS RP kit lens bundle on the way).  In terms of lenses, maybe it's my untrained eye but I have no issues with anything I've shot (besides my own learning curve).  I sometimes use prime lenses only to teach myself to remember that sometimes moving your body as well as the camera can lead to great photo possibilities.  The R7's kit zoom lens (RF-S 18-150mm f3.5-6.3 IS STM) is great - I don't notice the 1.6x factor, although when I get my full-frame RP I'm sure I'll be able to see the difference.

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