Jumping to a full frame Z, what to keep, what to sell?

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Re: I was completely wrong about DX crop mode and a question about 70-200 for macro...

olyflyer wrote:

Yes, the R5 is nice and is a good alternative for the Z7ii, but be aware that the 100 mm macro lens is 1:1, just like the Nikon. I don't know if optically better than Nikon, or not, but my impression is that Canon lenses are more expensive and not necessarily better. I don't like the Canon ergonomics, but that's personal, you may feel it fits you better than Nikon. Anyway, if you get the Canon then you have to dump your flashes also. No big deal, since those aren't new, but you have to be aware that you won't be able to use them.

Are you sure about the Canon? They claim "maximum magnification of 1.4x":


The R6 is only 20MP so I wouldn't even consider it. I'd rather buy the Z6ii on a low budget, at least that has some more MP.

To be honest, with such high requirements, I don't understand how you could keep that old D7100 for so long, but I understand that if you buy a camera every ten years you might as well buy the best available one at that time, which would be a good motive for me to pay the extra for the R5 or the Z7ii, even if I'd not need the extra megapixels today.

Well, the way it works for me is that when it's time to buy something, I buy the best that I can justify/afford.  And then I completely stop looking at anything related to that product/industry.  I literally had no idea what a Z mount even was until last week   Otherwise, especially when it comes to technology, you just always feel terrible.  You are always left thinking "I should have waited" or "too bad I don't have this new feature" or "wow, $X buys so much more now than it did last year" and on and on.  So I tune it out completely.

The thing that "sucked me back in" was seeing an amazing shot on a watch forum last week and private messaging the guy to ask what he used to shoot it.  He wrote back that he had used the Nikon 105 micro and - wait for it - his D7100... haha.  So, as I've known all along, my equipment is and always will be superior to my skills.  But, this led me to looking at that Nikon lens, and seeing it had been discontinued, and then looking for the new version, and seeing it wouldn't work on my camera, and then looking up "what is this Z thing?" and down the rabbit hole I went 

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