Jumping to a full frame Z, what to keep, what to sell?

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Re: I was completely wrong about DX crop mode and a question about 70-200 for macro...

J2daV wrote:

I did the same not too long ago. The Z system is totally new. Personally I think it has the most potential as mirrorless is developed. Personally, I was blown away by the Z images with s line lenses. Its a slippery slope. I’m seeing better images (even from a z5) then I ever saw in my previous gear. The new system is a big investment for Nikon and it’s pricy for us to jump in. I think it’s worth it.
I’m finding the autofocus, when achieved, is better than the dslr stuff. I got an ftz, but s line glass makes me not want to use it.

with the z mount wider and closer to the sensor, we are seeing a noticeable improvement in the middle focal range. 50, 85 are really good. Telephotos are about the same. Maybe some improvements based on glass. But not so much for the mount. Same with. Wide angle. The mount doesn’t seem to help as much.

the autofocus on anything but the z9 has trouble keeping up with really fast moving subjects. I got a z7 ii recently and it’s not night and day better than the z5. There are a lot of autofocus modes and knowing them can be big help.

so, jump in and expect to pay a high price. Or stick to dslr and find deals as the market is a bit full of gear being sold off. Both are good options.

When people talk about the AF quirks of the Z cameras, is this as compared to "perfection" or even as compared to something like my D7100?  I certainly get some shots here and there which are not in focus on my D7100, but I've always chalked that up to my lack of skill not a camera issue.  But I'm wondering if I'm likely to hit this type of thing more often with a Z or about the same or less?

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