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john isaacs wrote:

I agree; it doesn't have to be processed to JPG, because that is a saved format and not a display format. But it does have to be processed.

The issue is, whether picture control settings are applied to the image used for AF, and there is evidence that it is.

Nikon have said 99% of nothing as to how matrix metering, AF etc works with the Nikon Z system

Thom Hogan reports good supporting evidence that with a neutral picture control setting and significant sharpening applied with low contrast scenes his images seem to have more sharpness than those using auto picture control (also see below).

I normally use fairly similar Z Picture Control settings to Thom Hogan with Picture Control at Standard (Thom uses Neutral) with sharpening +3, mid range sharpening +2 and clarity +1.

Why do I do this?

1/ to get the type of images I prefer

2/ in some scenes the benefit of the sharpening setting can be detected

3/ I obtained a similar benefit with similar Picture Control sharpening settings on the D850 and D500 - when I still owned them. After doing tests I continue with something that works for me with the Z7 and Z9.

Thom clarifies his finding "While it's really difficult to get any repeatable, controlled evidence this creates a difference, it sure seems like a clear difference when I change between Auto (at defaults) and neutral (with considerable sharpening) in a low contrast scene of 1/40, f2 .8, ISO 3200."

As Z AF detectors are on the sensor these would need to sharpen the light they are detecting depending on camera settings to affect focus accuracy in some lighting situations.

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