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Re: Another Picture Control Question...

michaeladawson wrote:

tundracamper wrote:

So, if I’m understanding this correctly, a Z camera makes exposure, focus, etc decisions based on an image with the Picture Control applied whereas a D camera only applies the Picture Control after the exposure. This correct? If so, then it seems the OP question is moot since if the displayed image is properly exposed then the underlying neutral RAW file can’t be overexposed or underexposed. Correct?

I'm not sure if you're understanding everything. I don't think the Z camera makes exposure decisions based on the Picture Control. Where did you read in this thread that it did? Also, your conclusion does not follow from the premise.

Per the link below, Item #1, it seems autofocus may be impacted by Picture Control. So, why would it not also impact exposure? It seems from the discussion above, the camera makes decisions based on what is eventually sent to the EVF, which has the PC applied. Again, I’m trying to learn if this is correct.

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