Another Picture Control Question...

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Re: Another Picture Control Question...

michaeladawson wrote:

john isaacs wrote:

If it was simple, then there would not be people reporting that AF performance varies with picture control settings.

The camera has to capture the image (i.e. read it off the sensor) and process it to JPG before it can use it. And the issue is whether it does that processing with the set picture control, or with something else. And if so, what is that something else.

I'll grant you that the camera has to capture the image from the sensor and "process" it somehow before it can do the autofocus. However, what makes you think it has to be processed all the way to a JPG before AF can be achieved?

So what is your source for assuming that the JPG is produced with something else?

I agree; it doesn't have to be processed to JPG, because that is a saved format and not a display format.  But it does have to be processed.

The issue is, whether picture control settings are applied to the image used for AF, and there is evidence that it is.

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