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I've been religiously shooting in RAW (ARW) and processing in C122 Sony and quite pleased with the results I'm getting. The main issue I often find is noise now that I have been made aware of it!

Where C1 has a reasonable noise manage system, Topaz is definitely far superior having used it several times (trial version). Unfortunately the full version is way out of my price range - is there another, good, cheaper software by any chance?

I use DxO PureRAW in combination with C1, a very effective combination for any iso value up to about 3500.

It is 129 € https://shop.dxo.com/en/dxo-pureraw-2.html

DxO has sales from time to time, with discounts in the 25-50% range. It's likely that PhotoLab 6 will be released in about a month, and there's usually a discount on all the DxO products at that time. I don't know if PureRAW will also get an upgrade at the same time.

For the last two years the discount at new version release was 40% - but I was patient and waited until Black Friday sales when DxO reduced everything by 50% - a nicer time to buy or upgrade. Maybe they will do the same this year.

As for noise reduction then DxO Photolab is good when needed (on raw files), ditto for Topaz which will work on jpegs or tiffs.

Many years ago I used to use Neat Imagefor reasonable success, not tried for many years now so not sure how it compares, it has a trial version to download. Costs vary from US$39.90 up to US$79.90 depending on version. No cheap solutions to noise it seems, except to avoid high ISO.

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